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Caux Artists Program: FAQ



Does the Caux Artists Program (CAP) offer scholarships?

CAP encourages applicants to fundraise. Some participants may be able to get funding from their universities. Others may be sponsored by NGO’s, places of worship, or local clubs, such as the Rotary Club. Other possibilities include Crowdfunding. The CAP has funds for approximately 10 half (1/2) Scholarships to be awarded on a need basis. If applicants need further information regarding funding contact CAP.


Does CAP help with travel expenses?

We do not have money for Artist’s travel expenses, but occasionally have been able to link up artists with people who have helped.


Do I need a visa?

Please enquire if you need a visa from the nearest Swiss Consulate or your travel agent.

How long does it take to process a visa?

Our experience is that it can take up to three months to get a visa, so it is really important to make your application three months before your arrival date.


Who asks for the visa?

You are in charge of applying for your visa, once your local embassy has received the green light from Bern. We will send you the proper document by email once received in Caux.


Where should I go in order to get my visa?

You can find out where your local embassy is by clicking on this link.

Please note the Swiss representations for some countries, ie:

Zimbabwe: go to the Swiss representation in South Africa

Syria: go to the Swiss representation in Lebanon

Some embassies do not deal directly with visa requests but use a travel agency. Please check the appropriate contact for your country on their website before going.


How do I get to Caux?

Caux is two hours by car or train from Geneva and 25 minutes from Montreux. Direct trains run every hour from Geneva Airport to Montreux from 6am to 11pm (check exact times here). The last direct connection to Caux leaves Geneva Airport around 7pm. Please consider this when booking your flights.  Detailed information will be provided by the programme team.


Where will I stay at Caux?

You are housed in a shared room in the Caux Conference Center, or occasionally in a nearby house if the main house is very busy, and invariably in a same sex room.


Can I stay on at Caux after being a Caux Artist, or arrive early?

Unless you have the prior agreement of the Caux Artists Program to stay for a longer period, you will be required to cover the cost of any additional days. 


When will I be informed about acceptance into the Caux Artists Program?

The earlier you apply the sooner we can respond to your acceptance, which is handled on a first come first served basis. New: Extended application deadline is 22 April 2019!

Please LIKE our FB page to receive any and all updates. Thank you for your interest in the Caux Artists Program.


What is life like at Caux?

Busy! With classes and rehearsals, service opportunities, meetings with interesting visitors over meals, music and theatre performances in the evenings, there are often too many great choices! Artists may also choose to sit out under the stars, go for a mountain hike at dawn, or walk to the nearby waterfall.


I would like to get independent credit. How do I go about this?

Students should contact their own universities, or work with a professor, to ascertain whether they can get credit for independent study. There are usually additional requirements.


A reminder about your application:

Applications are received via the application form. Recommendation letters and transcripts can also be sent through the application form. New: Extended application deadline: 22 April 2019!


Other questions?

For further information, please contact us here.


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