CATS: Who is this for?
Children as Actors for Transforming Society (CATS)


Please read the requirements for CATS

If you are reading this than you are interested in attending the Caux Forum event CATS in Caux, Switzerland. CATS hopes to welcome a diverse group of participants for the upcoming event. As there are only 275 spaces available and much more demand, we will be accepting applications based on the following criteria. While we try to accommodate and accept as many participants as possible, we are conscious that we need to give opportunities for new participants from new places to attend CATS. Once spaces are filled for different categories within the criteria, some may be put on waiting lists to give others from different backgrounds the opportunity to register as well.


  1. Where do participants come from?

In order to have true diversity at CATS and be an example of a truly international event, CATS welcomes participants from all around the world and intends to keep spaces open for countries that are under-represented. As registrations come in, CATS will aim to balance the ratio of participants coming from different countries.

  1. What kind of work do participants do?

CATS aims to have diversity in the sectors represented at the forum, therefore people can come from areas such as education, policy making, health, social field, and more. While it is important to have a certain percentage of participants (both children and adults) who are already involved in children’s rights or children’s well-being issues, newcomers with a willingness to learn more on children’s participation are also welcome.

  1. In what role do participants attend the Forum?

Each year CATS welcomes participants who come from many different backgrounds and provide input in different ways. Some come as accompanying adults with a delegation, some come with their families, others are experts or representatives (NGOs, institutions, academics, etc), others are simply individuals interested in the subject or from partners networks.

  1. If participants are applying as a delegation:

Delegations should be between 3 and 8 people, with at least one accompanying adult for every three children.

  1. How many new participants and old ones?

While the majority of participants are newcomers, those who have attended before should have the opportunity to attend again. For CATS it is important to stay in touch with past participants and evolve together. Therefore, some space will be saved for returning participants.

  1. What is the age requirement for participants?

Participants of all ages are welcome! CATS aims for an equal balance between children (under 18 years old) and adults. Children and young people under the age of 18 should attend with accompanying adults. Last year CATS had about 46% children and young people under 18 and 54% over 18..

  1. What is the gender balance among participants?

CATS aims to have an equal gender balance. We encourage people of all shapes and sizes and those who do not identify as a specific gender as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this document. If you think you fit into the criteria, please proceed to registration.


*CATS may follow-up further with you after receiving your registration.