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Children as Actors for Transforming Society (CATS)
Monday, 29. July 2013

The last panel of the CATS conference on the 29th of July was centred around the issue of post conflict reconstruction, with a special focus on central Africa. Jean Gordon, Director of the European Institute of Education and Social Policy in Paris, opened the session and introduced the two panellists Urszula Markowska-Manista, scientific secretary of the Janusz Korczak UNESCO Chair, and Boniface Musavuli from the association EADEV in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Monday, 29. July 2013

On Monday afternoon, on the 29th July, the closing session of the CATS conference wrapped up the past six days in an interactive manner involving all adult and child participants.

Monday, 29. July 2013

While adults attended the plenary sessions of the ‘Children as actors for transforming society’ conference, children were busy with their own workshops. Anna Bondarenko, who is a youth worker with Foundations for Freedom in Eastern Europe, is part of the team who has organised these workshops.

Sunday, 28. July 2013

On Sunday 28th July, the morning session of the ‘Children as actors for transforming society’ conference focused on safe environment for children to evolve in. It included topics such as child rights, social and health issues, inclusion and participation, as well as dignity and violence. Three speakers were introduced by Laurent Ott: Alana Kapell, Camille Warrington, and Maria Lucia Uribe Torres.

Sunday, 28. July 2013

On Sunday July 28th, three groups of children from World Vision offices worldwide came to the stage to present their different endeavors in their respective countries. The Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon and Nicaragua were foregrounded and their work remarkably appreciated throughout the audience.

Saturday, 27. July 2013
Sir Albert Aynsley-Green  (Photo James Niktine)

On the morning of July 27th 2013 took place the CATS plenary Panel session dealing with health. It was moderated by Batia Gilad. Panel members included Michaela Sieh, Daniel Halperin and Sir Albert Aynlessey-Green. The panel discussion focused on serious issues relating to children’s health today, but issues such as trust building and child participation were also discussed.

Friday, 26. July 2013

On Friday 26th July, on the 3rd day of the first ‘Children as Actors for Transforming Society’ conference, the session included two distinct but not incompatible visions of our education model, through the eyes of Marie Wernham, international child rights worker and consultant for UNICEF, and Christopher Clouder, founder of the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE).

Thursday, 25. July 2013

‘We want to give young people their proper place and their role in society.’ This is how Batia Gilad, chair of the International Janusz Korczak Association, described the aim of the ‘Children as Actors for Transforming Society’ (CATS) conference, which opened on July 24th. The first session provided participants with an overview of the main topics to be addressed, while putting everyone in a good mood.

Thursday, 25. July 2013

The second ‘Unpacking Participation’ plenary of the ‘Children as Actors for Transforming Society’ (CATS) conference took place on July 25th and was chaired by Patricia Young, director of the Child-to-Child Trust. It allowed the audience to gain an overview of the legal frameworks for child participation and offered an example on how to implement it.

Thursday, 18. April 2013

Initiatives of Change in partnership with Child-to-Child Trust are proposing the first in a series of annual conferences on the important issues of improving and enhancing children’s participation.