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Children as Actors for Transforming Society (CATS)
Thursday, 18. June 2015

Caux Conferences 2015 - CATS 2015 has already reached full capacity!

Thursday, 12. February 2015

The new flyer "CATS 2015 - Save the date!" is now available for downloading (pdf).

Wednesday, 3. December 2014

Have a good read with the new report of the CATS conference 2014 (Children as Actors in Transforming Society). The report is available as a pdf document.

Monday, 15. September 2014
Ruiz and Junior Pérou

We had the opportunity to speak with a youth delegation from Peru who participated in the CATS Conference 2014 to better understand their plans as committed youth!

Monday, 15. September 2014

Three young Romanians participated at the Children as Actors for Transforming Society (CATS) conference 2014. Read the full iinterview here.

Saturday, 2. August 2014
Picture of CATS 2014

The CATS banners are coming down, most of the children have left, and the kitchen staff is having a well-deserved rest after catering for 500 people, including 170 children, over eight days. But while Children as Actorsin Transforming Society (CATS) may be over, the positive changes and energy felt during the conference will last much longer. Physical reminders include the CATS bracelets most people are still wearing, while the fruits of the action plans developed over this conference will have an impact on our wider society as a more tangible reminder.

Monday, 28. July 2014

Full House for this year's CATS conference, with just under 500 people from across the globe at the former Caux Palace.

Saturday, 5. July 2014

We are delighted to announce that, due to overwhelming demand, we have a full house for this year’s CATS conference.

Tuesday, 6. August 2013

The ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), in 1989, has led to a new perception of the child. Jean Zermatten, founder and director of the International Institute for the Rights of the Child and former President of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has given us an interview during the ‘Children as actors for transforming society’ conference (CATS).

Tuesday, 30. July 2013

During the CATS conference, a group of six children, aged 11 to 17, has gathered with Anna Kalatur, from Ukraine, to write and edit a newspaper. The initial idea was to give children a voice and enable them to share their experiences and thoughts related to Caux.