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Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business
Tuesday, 16. January 2018
Txema Perez, AEUB 2017, theatre

Txema Perez, Co-founder of 2theatre International Company & London Physical Theatre School, writes about her experiences in Caux during last summer's edition of Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business.

Friday, 25. August 2017
AEUB, Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business

In Europe even where populists are not winning elections, their narratives of blaming immigrants and minorities dominate political debates. Many citizens are losing faith in integration as the best means of ensuring peace, security and prosperity. There is a tendency to isolate ourselves, retreating into groups based on ethnicity, religious beliefs, or class. Such polarization deeply affects the way Europeans work together for the common good.

Thursday, 17. August 2017
AEUB 2017

Participants in this year’s Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business had the opportunity to ‘taste’ different training programmes, which are tackling polarization in communities across Europe.

Monday, 24. July 2017

Discover the highlights of Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business 2017!

Monday, 17. July 2017
AEUB 2017

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Tuesday, 14. March 2017
AEUB girl

Apply to become one of the 50 European Young Ambassadors at the ‘Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business (AEUB): Tackling polarization, building trust’ event, part of the Caux Forum organized by the CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation. The event will take place on 14 - 21 July, 2017 in Caux, Switzerland.

Tuesday, 26. July 2016
AEUB, Plenary

Philippe Herzog, a former Member of the European Parliament, and a former leader of the French Communist Party, called for reform of the EU. But he said ‘It is not just the European Union, but European civilisation that is in crisis’, he said. ‘There is a flaw, a failure on otherness. We do not know each other! The peoples of Europe must be brought nearer to each other. But what’s most important is what gives breath, it is a soul for Europe.”

Wednesday, 20. July 2016

On Tuesday, 19 July 2016, a public event kicked off the conference Adressing Europe's Unfinished Business on the theme ‘Passing the baton’, with four of those who were young when they participated in Caux conferences at that time.

Wednesday, 11. May 2016
World Council of Churches

On April 21, 2016, the World Council of Churches and the Focolare Movement hosted a round-table discussion at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, around a major question: is there a European Identity? The event gathered representatives of non-governmental organizations, academics and journalists to share perspectives and ideas about how to deal with the current challenges Europe is facing on migration and integration.

Monday, 25. April 2016
AEUB 2015 young ambassadors

Aged 18 - 25? Apply now to be a YOUNG AMBASSADOR and represent your country at the Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business Conference (AEUB) 19-23 JULY 2016 in Caux, Switzerland! Fifty scholarships are available.