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Young Ambassadors Programme
Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business 2018

Young Ambassadors Programme (YAP)

Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business 2018

Europe continues to experience polarization within and between communities. These communities need to take responsibility for their actions and promote hopeful initiatives. It is easy to identify what may be needed; it is harder to develop networks of actors who are selflessly committed to delivering on the needs. It takes time, it takes mistakes, and it takes creativity and humility. The task is an inter-generational one, and yet young people have a particular role to play. 

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We believe there is an important place now for a youth-oriented program that focuses on building relationships and communities; a program that challenges the zero-sum, competitive paradigm that young people feel as they fully enter the social and political economy of Europe. 

Europe can re-find the collaborative spirit that characterised its passage from total war to peace. To do so, it needs new generations of young Europeans with practical skills, integrity and a particular sensitivity to the diverse perspective of others. 



The Young Ambassadors Programme (YAP), under the aegis of Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business will bring together 30 young Europeans who aspire to take an active role in transforming society. An 8-day journey will take the Young Ambassadors to an initial 2.5 days of intensive training programme that inspires for a deeper conviction for Europe, equips with the reflective and practical tools to build sustainable change, and connects to a supportive network of similarly engaged young people. The training explores dynamic relationship between personal change, sharing stories and exchanging experience, taking focused action and space for reflection. The journey continues as part of the Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business forum that will allow Young Ambassadors to resurface from the deep dive of the training programme and engage broadly among participants from across ages and backgrounds. The forum will have a practical focus, alongside Caux’s particular emphasis on space for reflection, personal change and dialogue.  The Young Ambassadors will get equipped in tools for social transformation necessary to take an active role on a local, national or international level.

Upon graduation the Young Ambassadors will receive certificates of participation and join a community of over 120 alumni. Alumni of the programme co-create an international community of changemakers who work together and support each other in building a common future based on shared ethical values. Alumni of the Programme will have possibilities to join further training and programmes specifically designed for their needs.



The Young Ambassadors Programme bases its methods on over 70 years of trustbuilding work by Initiatives of Change across the world.

The Young Ambassadors Programme began in 2015 as an additional component to the Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business Conference and has been running every summer since. The programme grew each year in terms of number of participants and content of the training. 


Programme 2018

Please note that this programme is subject to change

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