Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business 2018


Tools for Changemakers

Please note that this programme is subject to change.


Europe in 2018 continues to face a number of challenges: migration, the rise of populism, terrorism, Brexit and relations with the Russian Federation are foremost among them, placing pressure on communities and nations within and across Europe. As a result of some of these challenges, questions of identity, nationalism, citizenship, racism, xenophobia and the legacy of colonization have arisen. Ordinary people need to feel that they can shape their own futures and make a difference. 

‘Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business’ 2018 will focus on equipping delegates with the skills needed for developing social cohesion, trust and dialogue during these tumultuous times. We have invited some inspiring thinkers and trainers from Europe and beyond who are keen to transmit their skills to those committed to developing and healing their communities. These ‘training tracks’ aim to provide a variety of practical tools for social change and cohesion. 

Alongside with the training tracks, each morning we will focus on an aspect of social cohesion and community building in Europe.

On the first full day of the event, in a highly interactive session facilitated by the conference team, we will identify challenges to social cohesion as experienced by participants. This will lead into personal stories from two speakers who will give their testimonies on some of the root causes of social breakdown and polarisation.

Speakers on the second day will illustrate some of the targeted efforts to build social cohesion across Europe. Participants will hear about projects on the ground, and will discover the lessons learned.

The third plenary will demonstrate how to build social cohesion through personal change. How can we as individuals contribute to social cohesion across Europe through our own awareness and actions?

Participants will come from all over Europe, thus providing a rich and unique environment to discuss initiatives and ideas at local, national and international levels. 

We aim for each participant to be inspired and energized to take lessons learned back into their communities, and that they will be equipped with new connections, fresh ideas, and better practices.

The event is a key feature of the Caux Forum, held in the Caux Palace, a unique and beautiful place with a long and illustrious history of peace building and brokering international cohesion.

Initiatives of Change (IofC)’s unique approach encourages quiet reflection, believing that change starts from within. The event will be highly participatory and delegates will be encouraged to have conversations with speakers and trainers alike. 


Leading up to and included in the event are two very exciting initiatives aimed at young people:

1. Learning to be a peacemaker (LPM)

A programme for young European Muslims. The programme will be in two parts: a course in Islamic approaches to peacemaking designed and led by imam and broadcaster Ajmal Masroor, followed by full participation in the AEUB event;

2. Young Ambassadors Programme (YAP)

A programme for young people which for the fourth consecutive year will be an integral part of ‘Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business’. The programme brings together young people from various parts of Europe to share experiences, learn and exchange knowledge and work for change. The programme equips a new generation of changemakers to meet the challenges we face in Europe. 

This year we are keen to encourage families with children to participate in our event. We are offering a full programme for children run by experienced leaders, integrating into the main programme at different points in the schedule.