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Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business 2018


Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business 2018




What is Addressing Europe’s Unifinished Business 2018?

Addressing Europe’s Unifinished Bussiness (AEUB)  is a five-day event, part of the Caux Forum. It was launched in 2014 with the aim of engaging European citizens to conceive and participate in actions to develop a spirit of partnership and solidarity across Europe in order to achieve the needed peace-building efforts in this continent.  AEUB 2018 will explore different approaches to building social cohesion with examples of grassroot projects and initiatives, inspiring speakers and multiple opportunities to share ideas and practices.


Who takes part at AEUB?

Participants come from all over Europe, thus providing a rich and unique environment to discuss initiatives and ideas at local, national and international levels. Participants usually include representatives of local, national and international NGOs and development agencies, people involved in IofC programmes across Europe, students and young potential changemakers, groups and individuals in Europe aiming to strengthen their social cohesion practices, grassroots leaders and organizations in need of support and partnerships in their social cohesion activities.


What is the focus of AEUB in 2018?

Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business 2018 will focus on equipping delegates with the skills needed for developing social cohesion, trust and dialogue. We have invited some inspiring thinkers and trainers from Europe and beyond who are keen to transmit their skills and knowledge to those committed to developing and healing their communities. The Training Tracks provided during AEUB 2018 aim to provide a variety of practical tools for social change and cohesion.  Alongside with the Training Tracks, each morning we will focus on an aspect of social cohesion and community building in Europe.


When and where does AEUB take place?

AEUB takes place in Caux, Switzerland, from 23-27 July in the imposing Caux Palace overlooking Lake Geneva. Attendees will have a private or shared room (with meals included) and attend keynote speeches, breakout sessions, trainings, and more in the Caux Palace’s beautiful rooms. Find out more about the location here


What is the Caux experience like?

Inspiring! When you come to Caux you will be part of a vibrant and diverse community of people from all around the globe. One of the special characteristics of the Caux Forum is that participants are invited to join small community groups (10-12) who participate in some of the practical tasks of the house and meet for discussions, enabling them to learn from each other. Alongside participatory plenaries and community meetings, training, case studies and inspiring discussions take place all the time. Informal meetings with interesting visitors over meals and music and theatre performances in the evenings are also part of the many great choices! Participants may also choose to sit out under the stars, go for a mountain hike at dawn, or walk to the nearby waterfall. Find out more about your stay here.


What’s a day like at AEUB?

Look at the overview of the 2018 programme.


What is the cost to attend AEUB?

The general package fee, including participation, accommodation and full board, is CHF800 for the five days of the event. In addition, there is a one-time registration fee of CHF50. There may be discounts for young people and students with a student card. More information about the fees here.


Does AEUB offer scholarships?

AEUB encourages applicants to fundraise. Some participants may be able to get funding from their universities, in particular the Career Centers, which offer travel abroad scholarships. Others may be sponsored by NGOs, places of worship, or local clubs, such as the Rotary Club. Other possibilities include crowdfunding.


Are there discounts available?

If you register between 1-31 March 2018, you can get an Early Bird 10% discount on your forum package. Learn more here. In addition to this, there are reduced fees for young adults (age 18-25), for students with a student card (age 26-35) and for children.


Can I stay on at Caux after AEUB, or arrive early?

The AEUB general package does not cover the extra cost of arriving early or staying beyond the dates specified for the programme. You will be required to cover the cost of any additional days. For young adults (age 18-25) the daily cost is CHF63. For all others, it ranges from CHF220 to 105 (conditions apply). In all cases, the possibility of staying longer will depend on room availability.


When does registration open?

Registration opens on 1 March 2018. Please allow some 30 minutes to go through the registration process. The detailed information that is required should ensure that you get the best experience in Caux. Make sure to register by July 12 at the latest.


Do I need a visa to attend?

Please enquire if you need a visa at your nearest Swiss Consulate or the Swiss Federal Office for Migration; or at your travel agent. If you need a Swiss visa, your registration must reach the Conference Secretariat at least four weeks before you arrive in Caux. Click here for more information.


How many attendees will be there?

In 2017 AEUB attracted 155 participants from 51 countries, representing all parts of Europe and some parts of the world. Over half of them were young people under the aged of 25. In 2018 we look forward to welcoming 150 to 200 participants, mainly from Europe, but not exclusively. We will strive for gender equality among participants and a diverse age representation.


Is there child care available?

Young people are vital stakeholders in the future of Caux. A supervised kindergarten is available during conference hours; this service is free of charge. A special kitchen is available 24/7 for parents with babies to store and prepare food. We offer a special discount to families and groups with children.  Find out more about your stay here.