Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business (AEUB)
17 – 21 July 2017

Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business

Tackling polarization, building trust

AEUB 2016, Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business


In Europe more and more people are isolating themselves, retreating into groups based on their ethnicity, religious beliefs, or class. Put simply, they’ve stopped talking to the 'other'. You could say polarization is a feature of our age. And it’s a feature that’s deeply affecting the way Europeans work together for the common good.

This event will gather people from all parts of Europe - and beyond - who want to create concrete, hope-building European initiatives, drawing on moral and spiritual values common to the main philosophical and faith traditions and eventually offer an alternative to polarization.

The main objective is to give hope and inspiration and show concrete examples of initiatives that build trust and address the current trend of polarization in Europe. To put people in touch with like-minded initiatives; to give opportunities for new partnerships, for creating networks and exchanging tools.

For the third consecutive year, The Young Ambassadors Programme will be an integral part of the event. It is a programme for young people aged 18-25 who are concerned about the future of their continent and want to bring change. We have created a safe space where they can listen to each other, show each other examples of initiatives that build trust, and address the damaging trend of polarization across Europe.

Come and meet people from all over Europe, of various ethnic and religious backgrounds, from different generations and discover effective ways we can tackle the issues polarizing our European society today. Share your story, get involved, build trust and find inspiration.  Register today!

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Main topics will be:

•         initiatives addressing the root causes of polarization

•         methodologies for dialogue in divided societies

•         how to create a safe space for people from different backgrounds to listen to each other

•         the use of reflective space to consider our own responses.

What past participants say:

The AEUB conference gave me a refreshing perspective on how young people can actually play a significant role in transforming Europe through its challenges and crisis. The YAP program further demonstrated the necessity of including millennials in addressing challenges that Europe is facing.

Costas Georgiades - Cyprus (YAP 2016)

Coming together and interacting with the representatives of the different European countries at a common place is the best way to create a common understanding and build sustainable peace.

Gunel Isparzade – Azerbaijan (YAP 2015)


This event will start on Monday 17 July at 16:45 and end on Friday 21 July at 12:30.

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