TIGE Kofi Annan speaking
Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE)
5 - 10 July, 2016


This year’s conference is over, but read more about the 2016 edition here and tune in for next year!

Catalysing new models of economic leadership -
Celebrating ten years of Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE)

TIGE is a global network of individuals and organizations practising trust and integrity in public, corporate and private life. We enable economic stakeholders to explore a journey of personal, organizational and societal transformation towards human and planetary well-being.  We connect and support new economic and business models and build relationships which enable such transformation.

New consciousness is growing about the social and ecological contribution of business towards human wellbeing and a sustainable planet. This is manifest in new economic models and thinking, including social and ethical entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Such models have moved beyond the bottom line and towards the social and environmental context, helping to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the past decade, TIGE has shown that the values of personal and institutional integrity, applied in practice, serve to build trust fundamental to business and economic stakeholders.

Be in Caux with other entrepreneurs, business leaders, and educators from around the world, and help to build a coalition for change for the common good. All are needed. We look forward to welcoming you.                   

More information on TIGE here.

Download the detailed programme here

  • To explore alternative business models and core motivations;
  • To assess your competencies, character and calling;
  • To benefit from the diversity of international, multi-sector participants.
  • Illuminate and connect initiatives and models of the new economy.
  • Facilitate inquiries into the essential aspects of the world’s economic future.
  • Create a space for individuals to connect to their authentic self.
Target audience
  • Business leaders, entrepreneurs and societal entrepreneurs, students of business and economics.


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