TIGE Switzerland
Lausanne, 30 April 2015: Launching TIGE Switzerland
Wednesday, 6. May 2015

Launching TIGE-Switzerland     

As the Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE) conference is increasingly attracting participants from Switzerland, the CAUX-IofC project manager for Switzerland and two volunteers joined hands to organise an information and networking event for professionals on 30 April in Lausanne.

Following a presentation of TIGE and the 2015 conference’s speakers, workshops and trainings, the 15 participants engaged in dialogues over an Apero and structured conversations, exploring connections and opportunities and addressing questions such as “What have I been working on that has marked me? How has TIGE impacted me? What have I been challenged with concerning notions of trust and integrity in Switzerland? And how have I been facing these challenges?”. They highlighted the importance of taking responsibility and action, sometimes even experimenting, and shared inspiring stories of engagement and success.

Further TIGE-Switzerland events will be held during the year in order to provide inspiration and support for people who wish to positively impact their environment, to capture and spread inspiring stories and, whenever relevant, plan for common actions.

Please write to events@caux.ch if you wish to receive information on future TIGE-Switzerland events.