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Seeds of Inspiration 2016
12 - 17 August 2016

Seeds of Inspiration

This year’s conference is over, but read more about the 2016 edition here and tune in for next year!

Seeds of Inspiration, Sofi, clowns
Without Borders: finding space
  • for diversity and community
  • for silence and celebration
  • for creativity and silence
  • for talking and listening
  • for sharing and growing

Seeds of Inspiration is a conference with a difference. It offers time for refreshment, reflection and creativity in Caux’s breathtaking mountain setting; and for participants from different countries and cultures to share their experiences, sources of inspiration and artistic talents with one another.

It draws on Henry Nouwen’s description of hospitality as ‘a space where strangers can discover themselves as free: free to sing their own songs, speak their own languages, dance their own dances…. follow their own vocations’.

This is a conference which is created by its participants, rather than relying on big-name speakers.

Seeds of Inspiration is organized in collaboration with Renewal Arts.

Seeds of Inspiration, Sofi, show


Each day will include:
  • early morning space for reflection, led by people from different faith traditions
  • together time -  an interactive, and often innovative, plenary session
  • community meeting – an opportunity to exchange views and experiences in a smaller group
  • community work – an invitation to help prepare or serve one meal a day
  • free time to enjoy Caux’s beautiful natural setting
  • workshops – learn to juggle, dance, sing, clown; explore the spirituality of music, the potential of emotions, the power of play;  experience the access issues which face disabled people, walk the labyrinth, engage in intergenerational dialogue or reflect on conflict and community.
  • an evening programme –  Commedia Gillet (Sweden); Crossing Borders (dance and song); What You Will (a variety evening produced by conference participants)

One afternoon will be free for trips up, down and around the mountain.

Seeds of Inspiration 2016

The conference draws its inspiration from Initiatives of Change, which stresses the link between personal choices and change in the world. 2016’s theme, ‘Without borders’, challenges each person to break through the walls which limit their creativity and separate them from each other.

The event is open to adults and children of any age, culture, faith or background who want to explore the importance of the spiritual and inspirational.


‘I have begun a journey of curiosity about who I am and who I really want to be.’ - Yasmine Kamel, UK

‘To heal is to free yourself, to love, to forgive, to look positively.’ - Mohamed Mumin, Somalia

‘I am finding the joy of communicating with others.’ - Hitomi Mitsutake, Japan

‘The magnificent views, the tranquility and the peace have helped me to think about the future.’ - Kwame Reed, UK

Seeds of Inspiration, Japanes dancers
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