Just Governance for Human Security 2018
Just Governance for Human Security 2019
2 - 6 July 2019


Just Governance for Human Security                          

Trust building: the critical factor for sustainable peace


Good governance, food security, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, inclusive economics and healing memory, are the six Pillars of Human Security linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. Trust building emerges as the critical aspect needed to advance human security.

Just Governance for Human Security will explore, through dialogue and networking, the root causes of mistrust related to the Six Pillars of Human Security in an effort to demonstrate how we all have a role to play in accomplishing the SDGs. 

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There are many ways to get involved next year: attend the event, share your story as a speaker or volunteer your time. Engage with past participants and contribute further ideas! We want to hear from you!


What past participants say:

In the pursuit of human security, we as citizens, activists and leaders all have a role to play. This is why programmes such as the Caux Forum and humansecurityX are so important. They provide the knowledge, skills and cross-sectoral connections needed to fuel citizen engagement.

David Chikvaidze, Chef de Cabinet of the Director General at the UN Office at Geneva

The Just Governance for Human Security conference was unique in its ability to bring together diversity or cultural and professional backgrounds to tackle contemporary challenges. The unparalleled sense of community at this conference, allows for unfiltered and respectful dialogue.  The spirit of camaraderie among participants gives me hope that just governance is achievable within our lives.

Dr Edward Mabaya, Assistant Director of the Cornell Institute for Food and Agricultural Development

I came to Caux without much understanding about what to expect. I was inspired, moved and energized. The topics were challenging, but the collection of the great minds and those eager to listen more than speak, created opportunities for insights and life-changing action.

Susan Savage, Former Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma  


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