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The International Peacebuilders’ Forum (IPF) 2016
19 - 23 July, 2016

International Peacebuilders' Forum 2016

This year’s conference is over, but read more about the 2016 edition here and tune in for next year!

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                                                                                                                                   photo: UNRWA

Peacebuilding among people displaced by violence and war

The world is currently facing the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. Globally, one in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum according to the UN Refugee Agency. If this were the population of a country, it would be the world’s 24th biggest. To establish a peaceful and inclusive world for everyone, peacebuilders’ around the globe address, tackle, and come up with new ways to create a safe space and reduce violence.


Safe space to deepen understanding, reflect and connect

After providing shelter to 1670 Jewish refugees, the Caux Palace was bought in 1946 by a group of Swiss families from Moral Re-Armament, now Initiatives of Change. They started the healing and reconciliation of Europe by inviting Germans and French people to Caux and until today Caux is known as a place for dialogue across the worlds divides. Within the context and legacy of this unique place we organize the 3rd International Peacebuilders’ Forum (IPF) in partnership with the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (ICP).

IPF offers a platform and safe space for reflexivity for practitioners in refugee and migrant work, and people from these communities to:

  • deepen the understanding of the current context of war and violence;
  • engage with and inspire peers by sharing reflections, tools, and experience;
  • foster collaboration and joint action to increase impact;
  • establish a community of international peers who can support each other.



IPF will open Tuesday afternoon with a plenary to welcome you and set the scene.The next days focus on:

  1. The bigger picture: What is going on and which major issues are we dealing with?
  2. Mapping the field: How have we responded so far?
  3. Going forward: Where do we go from here, and how can we support and strengthen each other?

In the morning inspiring international speakers from the field dive deeper into the theme of the day providing a space for reflection, dialogue and interaction. In the afternoon different break-out sessions will focus on sharing and connecting in diverse ways using for instance storytelling and bodywork. 


Confirmed Speakers
Janet LimMs Janet Lim served as UNHCR's Assistant High Commissioner for Operations from August 2009 to February 2015, before retiring after 34 years in the organisation. As Assistant High Commissioner she oversaw the work of 5 regional bureaus, was responsible for UNHCR's operations globally, as well as two functional Divisions. Prior to that she was the Director of the Bureau for Asia and the Pacific for 5 years. During her career with UNHCR, Ms Lim served in a number of field missions and operations in Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka) and the Middle East (Syria, Western Sahara). At UNHCR Headquarters, she has also served as Director for Emergency and Security.

Ms Lim currently is an advisory board member of the Institute for Societal Leadership at Singapore Management University, as well as a Fellow at its School of Social Sciences. In Geneva, she is an Executive in residence at the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP). (Photo: Janet Lim, Director, UNHCR Asia Bureau. © UNHCR/S.Hopper]

Mpanzu BamengaMpanzu Bamenga was born in 1985 in Zaïre. At the age of 8 he came to the Netherlands as an asylum seeker. Despite the challenges of poverty, uncertainty beacuse of the irregular status and language barriers, he always kept on believing in a better and more just world. This spirit helped him when the family heard they were given 8 weeks to leave the country after a asylum application process of 13 years. Inspired by hope and the believe of a better future, he send an official appeal to the Dutch minister of immigration and eventually heard that the family could stay. At the moment Mpanzu Bamenga is working as lawyer in the field of human rights, he is a politician in the municipality of Eindhoven where he got elected as political talent of 2015, the founder of the Dutch Inclusion Leaders Network and he is coordinating The Hague Worldhouse where undocumented migrants can get information and advise with the aim to empower them to make well-informed decisions.


Comedy for Change
IPF Comedy


Joy and pain are two sides of the same coin. Comedy helps us to discover our common humanity by exposing pain through laughter. During IPF the four renowned international comedians will explore the element of comedy and how it can be used in conflict transformation. They will provide a workshop and give the unique show ‘Comedy for Change’ at the Caux theatre.

Each of the four comedians below has been chosen specifically for the type of comedy that they do and the value they will bring to the forum through their participation in performance, discussions as well as sharing their own personal experiences. Their comedy addresses topics such as islamophobia, the (im)migrant crisis, freedom of speech and racial intolerance.


Stuart Taylor (South Africa)

With a university degree in Zoology, no-one would have guessed that Stuart Taylor would first of all graduate from the Cape Town School of Magic before going on to become one of South Africa’s most prolific comedians. His award winning formula of intelligent, charming and thought provoking humour makes him a fan favourite wherever he performs. Touted as one of the country’s biggest touring comedians, Stuart has done serious mileage over the years with his one man show offerings such as the award winning Learner Husband, TechniColoured and Bespoke shows. He has also been invited to perform at some of the biggest comedy festivals in the world such as the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Berlin International Comedy Festival and the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland.

Celeste Ntuli (South Africa)

Celeste Ntuli is quickly becoming one of South Africa’s most popular and important comedians. Celeste has shot to stardom with her stellar performances on some of the countries biggest television shows. A larger than life character, she takes her magnetic personality to the stage with alluring effect and holds audiences captive with a unique delivery style. She’s also not afraid to engage with topics that are considered controversial, sensitive, or untouchable and express her mind in an entertaining and engaging manner. Celeste is representative of a new generation of female acts who are going toe to toe with the boys and carving their own path that points to a brighter future for stand up comedy!

Dana Alexander (Canada)

One of Canada’s most outspoken and hilarious women has packed her bags and is now in the UK. The only black female comedian on the circuit in Canada, Dana's comedic style is both refreshing and irreverent, drawing her material from her diverse lifestyle, her gay friends and her crazy Jamaican family. Originally from Edmonton, Dana began her comedy career at the tender age of 18 and quickly became a regular fixture in Canadian Comedy Clubs, universities and festivals. She was voted in the “Best Discoveries” by Toronto’s renowned Now Magazine in 2006 and has not looked back since. Now based in the UK, she currently tours all over the world taking her brand of comedy to diverse audiences with great aplomb!

Conrad KochConrad Koch (South Africa)
Conrad Koch is one of South Africa’s most in demand comedy talents, and the winner of the Entertainer of the Year award for 2010. He combines hilarious comedy with world class puppetry, and has done so for over fifteen years to local and international acclaim. His outspoken political analyst puppet, Mr. Chester Missing, is fast becoming a household name. His television interviews with SA’s political elite have received wide acclaim. The use of a puppet to get political players to let down their guards is completely unique. In fact Chester Missing has been asked by the likes of City Press, Natal Witness, Reuters, the Mail and Guardian, etc, to comment on political affairs.



Takunda Bimha

Takunda Bimha has become one of the most respected producers on the African continent over the past 10 years. In 2015, he founded and launched the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival – showcasing the best continental talent in Africa performing alongside international comedians from all over the world. He is thrilled that Comedy for Change has come together in the manner that it has.

Judson Webb

A performing artist for over twenty years, Jusdom holds an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. He met Initiatives of Change in 2000 and from 2011 has worked closely with Initiative of Change in Sweden developing arts-focused training and education in peacebuilding and nonviolence. He is honored to be working with Comedy for Change.

The Spirit of Caux
Caux Palace

When you come to the Caux Palace, one hour from Geneva, you can expect a vibrant and diverse community of volunteers from all around the globe. And you will be part of this community! One of the special characteristics of Caux conferences is that participants are invited to join small groups (10-12) who participate in the practical tasks of the house, enabling everyone to learn from each other.

The conferences are also organized by a team of volunteers. This year the team consists of 7 members from different countries. Scroll down for more information on the team of IPF 2016.


Conference fees

The CAUX Conference Centre offers a full service package for everyone staying during the conference season. All the fees mentioned below are calculated per person and per night in Swiss Francs (CHF) and include:

  • Conference participation
  • Accommodation in the Caux Conference Centre
  • Interpreting
  • Conference materials
  • Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Coffee & tea breaks
  • Refreshments
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Evening events
  • Kindergarten service
  • Sport facilities (tennis, football, volleyball, ping-pong, mountain walks)
  • Riviera Card (discounts and free train/bus rides in Caux & Montreux)

In 2016 Caux offers a 10% discount on conference packages for registrations until 31 March 2016. This discount expires unless full payment is received within 2 weeks following receipt of confirmation. The early bird special is only available for the Full Premium- and the Standard packages and does not include the registration fee. More information on conference fees.

Team IPF 2016
Judith van den Boogert
Judith van den Boogert works as a peace negotiation and mediation trainer at the Clingendael Institute (Netherlands) with groups in conflict worldwide. She has facilitated several conflict transformation processes and works as independent certified mediator (i.a. Israel/Palestine, Pakistan, Ukraine, Uganda, South-Sudan).


Jonathan Dudding
Jonathan Dudding is the director of ICA:UK. Since being involved in the Kumi project in Israel and Palestine (2006-2010), Jonathan has worked in Somalia, Afghanistan, Palestine and Tunisia. He has helped with the International Peacebuilders’ Forum since its inception in 2014.



Judson WebbA performing artist for over twenty years, Judson Webb holds an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. He met initiatives of Change in 2000 and from 2011 has worked closely with Initiatives of Change in Sweden developing arts-focused training and education in peacebuilding and nonviolence.


Taylor Rippy MonsonTaylor Rippy Monson is director of outreach and journalism and senior conflict consultant for The Arbinger Institute. She is an experienced mediator and facilitator with a degree in intercultural peacebuilding. Taylor is experienced in conflict transformation work and reconciliation throughout the world.


Michael SternbergMichael Sternberg is a consultant and facilitator from Israel. He is experienced in the inter- to the intra-state conflict of Israel and Palestine, and works in Europe on conflicts about migration and islamophobia. As a researcher at Ben-Gurion University he studies transitional justice and models of action research.


Savannah DoddSavannah Dodd is an anthropologist specialized in identity, religion, and visual methods. After working with the UN and obtaining her Master’s degree in Geneva, she moved to Thailand to work with a local NGO. She has conducted field research in Switzerland, Israel-Palestine, and Thailand.


Pascal Gemperli IPF 2016Pascal Gemperli is co-director and founder of the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (Switzerland). He is an experienced mediator and trainer. His international work experience (Arab region & Europe) includes societal dialogue and mediation processes related to security governance, interfaith dialogue and company-community conflicts.


Laura ReijndersLaura Reijnders is a communications professional and trainer with a background in organizational anthropology. Laura works as communications coordinator at IofC Netherlands and as a freelance strategy consultant. She is actively involved in several events and projects on peacebuilding, sustainability and social entrepreneurship.
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