CATS 2017


Please note that this programme is subject to change.


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QUIET ME TIME- Morning activities

Every morning, the ‘’Quiet me Time’’ will allow you to start your day on a positive and creative note. It involves activities such as yoga, Pilates, meditation, drawing and time for reflection.

It aims not only to relax your body and mind from the different activities throughout the week but also to explore further into any emotions or thoughts that may have raised during your CATS experience. It is just after wakeup time and before breakfast so that you have time to slowly and gradually slide into a fruitful day.

It is an optional activity but we encourage you to participate in these activities also to spend some one on one time for YOURSELF, because as Buddha said… “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create’’.


Learning Spaces

How do we go about reaching for an inclusive society in our everyday lives and activities? This is what the Learning Spaces will help you explore!

Participants from the age of 6 years old upwards will learn about, experience and explore different types of exclusion (what it is, how it feels, what the consequences are, etc.) and of inclusion (what we can do better, how we can do it, etc.). You will work in different places where children and young people might experience exclusion in their lives and want to change by creating more and better inclusion. The spaces will be:

  • Where we grow up - the place we call home
  • Where we learn - schools, colleges, universities
  • Where we take care of our bodies and minds - healthcare centres and hospitals
  • Where we represent our peers - councils  and parliaments
  • Where we live, play, hang out, travel, go to gigs, do sport, music, dance, be creative, etc. - our villages, towns and cities

You will be divided into groups which will start the week by getting to know the issues, questions and aspirations introduced by the facilitators and the experiences of participants in the groups. Then for 5 sessions you will experience different spaces. At the end of the week you will build models of inclusive communities and explore ways we can all contribute to reaching for an inclusive society.

We will ensure that everyone can participate through the different languages used by facilitators and by being careful that the language and activities are friendly for all ages.


Let’s Explore!

This is your chance to explore diversity and inclusion through a one-off, 90-minute session. You can choose one of approximately 10 different sessions running in parallel throughout the castle, and outside – if the weather’s nice! For example, you might want to explore a topic, like ‘gender’ or a skill, like one-handed juggling.

We will try to include something for everyone, offering a wide range of sessions: active and less active; talking and not talking; serious and less serious; creative and less creative; structured and less structured. For example, you might be tempted to learn sign language, play games, be artistic, learn about world religions, or help build a ‘celebrate the senses’ labyrinth.

Each group can also choose – or not - to do a 5-minute presentation for the whole castle during the ‘Let’s Explore Further’ Together Time on the final day.

Let’s Explore is open to all ages, from 0 to 100 or more!


The Kittens Workshops

The Kittens programme is dedicated to the youngest at the CATS Forum, divided in two groups: 2 to 5, and 6 to 10. The team of facilitators includes children and adults, including some ‘veteran Kittens' from previous years.

The Forum edition of 2017, dedicated to the theme of inclusion, has some big challenges: to become even more inclusive and involve the Kittens in the rest of the programme.

Kittens activities will explore how we are all unique, but like others in some things.

They will play games to better understand what ‘inclusion’ means, and will explore ways to make their homes or schools more inclusive.

The Kittens this year have a special mission: to lead their own ‘Together Time’, an activity for the whole conference to participate in.

Will they be up for the challenge? Come and find out!


Community Groups

In some ways, the Community Groups (or “CGs”, as we like to call them) are the heart of the conference because they represent the space in which youth and adults (11 and up) have a dedicated moment to deeply listen to each other and to plant the seeds of an intergenerational global community, working towards better participation of children and young people in society.

Each CG (made up of approx 20 participants) has a facilitator who will accompany the group throughout the week and a specific room where they meet.

These sessions will help you have a better understanding of CATS/Caux and the themes of the day. They create a bond within the group, enabling their members to get to know each other in a deeper way and develop a sense of community. It is a space to gather and share – or not share - whatever has resonated with them personally throughout the day.

Community groups also make time for you to evaluate parts of the conference, have fun and provide services (work shifts) for the days in CATS.

Together Times

Together Times are a space during the programme when participants of all ages, from the youngest to oldest get to work all together.

This year these sessions will be a build up and working progress towards the Call to Action at the end of the week.

The Opening Session will be an opportunity to get to know the week ahead and who’s involved in it.

Next you will get to know the different projects people are involved in through the CATS Marketplace, after which you will be able to discover the work of different inspiring individuals  through the CATS Human Library.

All along the week participants will be encouraged to think about their own project and initiatives to launch after CATS.

At the end of the week, the Call for Action session, inspired by the Kittens will highlight a 90-Day Challenge and thinking about how to create new projects initiated by you, the parcitipants once you go down the mountain.


Evening Programme

The evening programmes are a time where everyone comes together to take part in various activities to take a break from the rest of the Forum.  

  • There’ll be a mysterious Discovery night where you can take in the mysteries of the grand Caux conference centre as you explore every nook and cranny of the Castle!
  • Bring your culture to our CATS Cultural Night, where you have the opportunity to dress up traditionally, share food and music with people of different backgrounds.
  • Celebrate Swiss Night with us up the mountain around a huge bonfire with live music and performances!
  • Dance at our much-loved Disco night!
  • Do you have a talent or anything that you’d like to showcase?? CATS Got Talent is for you! Bring anything you need (i.e. cultural dress, musical instrument, etc.) and the stage will be yours.