Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business (AEUB)
23 - 27 July, 2018

Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business

Tools for Changemakers



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Europe continues to experience polarization within and between communities. These communities need to take responsibility for their actions and promote hopeful initiatives. The Initiatives of Change (IofC) model of change, starting with oneself, can play a significant role in rebuilding agency and hope at the individual and collective level.  

What simple steps can we take to make a meaningful difference in Europe?

Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business 2018 will explore different approaches to building social cohesion with examples of IofC projects and initiatives, inspiring speakers and multiple opportunities to share ideas and practices. For the fourth consecutive year, the Young Ambassadors Programme for people aged 18-25 will equip a new generation of changemakers rising to meet the challenges we face in Europe.


This event is for:
  • groups and individuals in Europe aiming to strengthen their social cohesion practices
  • grassroots leaders and organizations in need of support and partnerships in their social cohesion activities
  • representatives of local, national and international NGOs and development agencies
  • people involved in IofC programmes across Europe
  • students and young potential changemakers


What past participants say

The conference made me realize that no matter how different we are, there is always a line of commonality that we can use as a base for dialogue, building trust and making peace, to create the type of Europe we want to see.

AEUB 2017 Participant

The AEUB conference gave me a refreshing perspective on how young people can actually play a significant role in transforming Europe through its challenges and crisis. The YAP program further demonstrated the necessity of including millennials in addressing challenges that Europe is facing.

Costas Georgiades - Cyprus (YAP 2016)

Coming together and interacting with the representatives of the different European countries at a common place is the best way to create a common understanding and build sustainable peace.

Gunel Isparzade – Azerbaijan (YAP 2015)



This event will start on Monday 23 July and end on Friday 27 July. Registration for this event will open on 1 March 2018.

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