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Detailed Programmes

1 – 6 July 2012
Learning to Live in a Multicultural World

Tapping civil society’s potential

The aim of this conference cycle is to gather and equip those who wish to play their part in creating more inclusive intercultural environments. This year’s conference builds on the outcomes and results generated in 2011 and will focus on actions that host and diaspora communities can take together in the four identified priority areas: rethinking our personal attitudes and motivations, challenging and transforming power imbalances, exploring the transformative role of education and learning, and strengthening and expanding relationships between communities. Besides plenary sessions, case studies and facilitated discussions, the conference will also offer training modules and provide a platform for exchange of best practices.

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8 – 15 July 2012
Caux Forum for Human Security

Caux as a resource for the world's peacemakers

The fifth Caux Forum will continue its exploration of the root sources of human security under five headings – just governance, living sustainably, inclusive economics, intercultural dialogue and healing memory – and its development and implementation of initiatives to advance peace and sustainable development. It will bring together people active in many aspects of human security – politicians, diplomats, academics, journalists, fieldworkers, business people.

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17 – 23 July 2012
Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy

Creating an integral economy through transformational change

TIGE 2012 will gather people representing diverse professions, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds from around the world, who are on a quest for a sustainable, just and equitable global economy. Based on core ethical and spiritual values and aligning with environmental, social and cultural needs, it will explore appropriate, cultureembedded down-to-earth solutions and  interdisciplinary thinking. The aim is to further the process of restoring trust, integrity and values that lie at the heart of effective organizations and institutions.

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25 – 31 July 2012
Exploring the Vital Link between Personal and Global Change

The essence of Initiatives of Change

This week of vigorous exchange will develop that ‘vital link’ between personal and global change, not so much through theories but through exploration of the processes and practices of transformation by all who participate. It will draw on the past and present of Initiatives of Change experience, and aims to shape inspired action. It will reach for a transformation of mentality that fosters sustainability and collaboration, creates space for dialogue and trustbuilding, and places integrity at the heart of decisionmaking at all levels.

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2 – 8 August 2012
The Dynamics of Being a Change-maker

Training by Initiatives of Change

This conference will explore the calling, character, capabilities, and commitment needed by change-makers to affect contexts that cry out for transformation. It will draw on Initiatives of Change’s long experience in developing networks of change-makers across the world in a variety of settings. Facilitated sessions will bring a deeper awareness of the inner dynamics that drive our lives, explore case studies, and provide training in relevant tools for effecting change.

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