Villa Maria, sign
Villa Maria: Rates


The seminar center can be rented out all year except during the months on July and August. To inquire about availability and request more information please send us an e-mail.

Seminar Room 

Seminar Room, Villa Maria


Equipment : retractable screen, DVD player, sound system, beamer, flipchart, telephone plug, WIFI

Capacity : up to 30 guests

Standard rate : CHF 350 - Reduced rate : CHF 250/day


Grand Salon with fireplace

Villa Maria grand salon


Equipment : flipchart, WIFI

Standard rate: CHF 140 - Reduced rate : CHF 100/day



Villa Maria, library


Equipment : flipchart, WIFI

Standard rate : CHF 140 - Reduced rate : CHF 100/day



Basement office, Villa Maria, Caux


Equipment : printer, photocopy machine, telephone, flipchart, WIFI

Standard rate : CHF 110 - Reduced rate : CHF 80/day


Salon Dupaquier & Salon des Dames

Meeting Room, Villa Maria


Standard rate/salon: CHF 300 - Reduced rate/salon: CHF 200


Single room

Villa Maria, Single Room


Standard rate p.p. : CHF 125/night - Reduced rate p.p. : CHF 84/night


Double room

Villa Maria, Double Room


Standard rate p.p. : CHF 80/night - Reduced rate p.p. : CHF 54/night



Villa Maria, breakfast room


Breakfast, lunch, dinner p.p. and per meal: CHF 15 - Reduced rate: CHF 12


Coffee and Tea Break

Rate p.p. and per break : CHF 5

(NB: p.p. = per person)

Flowers, Caux, Villa Maria