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Caux Forum Training Offers
CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation


We are excited to offer service and space to those wishing to deliver training in Caux during the 2017 Caux Forum.  You are welcome to benefit from the inspirational setting, the diverse people providing service and support, and the history of changemaking that has been the Caux story for more than 70 years. (Download PDF)

Caux Palace

  • IofC projects / programmes / initiatives
  • Trainers & organizations aiming to deliver programmes and training aligned to the CAUX-IofC Foundation’s vision and mission (see here).  

The available dates are August 7 – 15 inclusive.


Training team member and Participant cost per night stay in Caux is CHF 165 per person.  There is also a CHF 50 registration fee for all bookings.

This provides:

  • Promotion via the webpage
  • Registration, reception and cash-desk service
  • Service in line with the conditions mentioned here 
  • Forum Secretariat support
  • Training Room and standard equipment (projector, flip-chart and pens)
  • Introduction to Caux presentation by a member of the Foundation team

Team costs can be recovered through additional charges to participants (you may charge more than CHF165). To recover our general and administrative costs 10% of the profit will be reserved by the Foundation.

  • Name and contact details of the key coordinator/liaison
  • As soon as possible: a brief description of the training, duration and preferred dates within the August 7-15 range, max. number of participants or expected participants
  • Links to relevant website
  • Registration will go ‘live’ at the end of April (this may be subject to change)

Please send all enquiries and information by EMAIL.


Upcoming Training

REAL change with IofC

Accessing the power of presence-in-action

6 – 13 August, 2017, starting 14:00 and departing after breakfast on 13 August.


Enabling Sustainable Child Participation

7 - 10 August, 2017


Creators of Peace at Caux – Peace in Practice

What does it mean to be an effective peace creator?

7 August, 2017 (evening ) to 12 August 2017 (morning)


Radiate your leadership in full consciousness

A workshop on leadership

11 - 12 August 2017 -