Towards an inclusive peace 2017

The Team

Eliana JimenoEliana Jimeno | Towards an Inclusive Peace Co-coordinator

Eliana is a political scientist from Bogotá, Colombia. She holds an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. Currently, Eliana is doing research on the role of symbolic reparations in post-conflict societies and hybrid approaches to peacebuilding. Throughout her professional career, Eliana has worked on the impact of the Colombian conflict. Recently she worked as a consultant for three years with IOM and Colombia’s National Center for Historical Memory and she previously worked advising internal displaced, advocating for vulnerable populations as an institutional lobbyist, and also as a policy analyst at Bogota’s planning office. Eliana’s passion for her country led her to participate in the Caux Scholars Program in 2012. There she learned about the importance of personal transformation and the undeniable link between inner peace and our capacity to serve, more than peacebuilders as bridge-builders, to walk the path to truly acknowledge the humanity in other, in spite of his deeds, as a means to build reconciliation and sustainable peace. As a co-coordinator of Towards an Inclusive Peace forum, Eliana seeks to create a space where challenging but meaningful conversations about the root causes of violent extremism can take place. Email

Johannes LangerJohannes Langer | Towards an Inclusive Peace Co-coordinator

Johannes Langer is originally from Austria but is living in Bogota, Colombia, since 2013. Thanks to master degrees in political science, history and conflict resolution, Johannes has a wide-range of perspectives to tackle challenges. In the last three years, Johannes has been teaching international relations at the Universidad de San Buenaventura in Bogotá with a research project on transitional justice, more specifically the impact of truth commissions in post-conflict societies. The first contact with IofC was established as a Caux Scholar in 2012 and Johannes returned to Caux in 2013 as the coordinator of this program. Together with Eliana Jimeno, Johannes is excited to co-coordinate the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum with the hope to bring people from around the globe and many different contexts together and allow for challenging discussions that can shift extremist narratives in their communities towards new understandings how a more inclusive peace can be reached. Email


They are supported by an enthusiastic team from around the globe:
  • Jean Claude Bucumi, Burundi, translation
  • Susan Korah, Canada, communications
  • Ismaila Ceesay, Gambia/U.S., housekeeping
  • Hannah von Reding, Sweden/Switzerland, communications
  • Amos Izerimana, Burundi/U.S., communications
  • Rashad Aliyev, Azerbaijan, technology
  • Suchith Abeyewickreme, Sri Lanka, community groups
  • Giulia Matassa, Italy, finance and fundraising
  • Kate Monkhouse, UK, general support
  • Hanh Huynh, Vietnam, community groups