Speakers & Facilitators
Towards an Inclusive Peace 2017

Speakers 2017

Pekko Metsa
Pekka Metso (Finland)

Pekka Metso is Ambassador-at-Large for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue Processes in the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Helsinki, focusing on both multilateral and bilateral fora. A lot of his work concentrates on the ways how peace mediation and peace building could take place when the various religious actors and dialogues are also on board. Ambassador Metso is further a member of the national board dealing with the questions relating to violent extremism and has also worked on a national action plan to this end. His own work includes conducting dialogues as part of the preventive work in this field. He has worked for the past 30 years in the Finnish MFA; his most recent foreign posting was as the Finnish ambassador to Slovenia and to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In his previous duties Metso worked a lot with the United Nations, serving in the Finnish UN Missions both in Geneva and New York, with human rights at the heart of that work. He did post-graduate work at the University of Minnesota.


Community groups & Facilitators 2017

Towards an Inclusive Peace will primarily focus on participants and have only two to three keynote speakers.

The goal is to create safe space for participants to share their experience while allowing for hands-on exercises to learn the tools the forum is proposing: narrative analysis and community-based indicators. Knowing that the subject of violent extremism is a complex one, due to its multiple layers, Towards an Inclusive Peace will bring experienced facilitators to support the community groups, while allowing for challenging but enriching discussions.

We will discuss the roots of violent extremism from six different perspectives. Participants will decide to which community group they want to belong to before they arrive to Caux.

  • Ethnicity and race (hatred against the Other based on skin color or origin)
  • Gender (sexism, homophobia)
  • Politics (right and left wing extremist parties)
  • Religion (hatred against the Other based on religion)
  • Economics (inequality, classism)
  • Environment (natural resources and climate change)



Véronique Sikora
Véronique Sikora

Community Group Facilitator on Economy

An associate professor at the School of Engineering and Management in Yverdon-les-Bains, a public university in Western Switzerland, Veronique brings her passion for knowledge sharing, and several years of multicultural experience in communications and training to the TIP Forum. Having worked in government and business in Canada and Switzerland, she became keenly interested in how people share knowledge, leading her to steer her career path to higher education where for the last 13 years she has been designing and delivering courses in business communications.

Fluently bilingual in English and French, she has had wide-ranging experience in teaching both languages as an instructor of English as a foreign language to University students in Lausanne, and as a coordinator of French courses for migrants to Switzerland in precarious situations. She also has a functional knowledge of German and Spanish. Her extensive volunteer experience includes delivering workshops and leadership training at the Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy conference at Caux, and facilitating seminars and round tables for the Swiss Knowledge Management Forum. She brings a fun, interactive approach to her workshops to maximise participation and learning. She will facilitate the community group on economics at the TIP Forum.

Camilo Villa
Camilo Villa

Community Group Facilitator on Religion

My trajectory combines experience and inspiration from diverse sources. Many years as a lecturer provided wisdom about learning and research processes. Working with Colombian public agencies I learned about the value of public policies and institutional development. As entrepreneur I strength my competencies to develop strategic actions. And, working with multilateral organizations my view on many processes has broaden. Inspiration for change would be the label that better describes who I am. And I love to express it through learning experiences, that is: events, workshops, ceremonies, etc. In my toolbox I combine knowledge, methods and tools from different domains varying from social sciences to entrepreneurship, internet tools and native American wisdom. Colombian and Belgian but overall an explorer. I love to write. As part of specific projects I write technical documents and manuals and in my own spaces I publish short texts about my life journey (http://camilovilla.wordpress.com). 

d'Arcy Lunn

Community Group Facilitator on Ecology

As an active, and mostly effective global citizen, d'Arcy is drawn towards anything that builds community through active citizenship and community participation. There are many things to be excited about for a forum such as the Towards an Inclusive Peace. The thing that stands out most for him is to look directly at the elephant in the room and see what we can do about it - inclusion and exclusion. It so obviously an issue in the world today as boarders seem to be transcending from maps into physical barriers and some people wanting to divide instead of unite. We all hope it is just a blimp on the course of humanity. However, to ensure it is we need to be proactive and listen, connect and work together to reduce exclusion and increase inclusion.
d'Arcy is particularly drawn to this forum having spent the past 16 years travelling in more than 85 countries around the world where he has been included into the lives of every kind of culture, class, race and religion. Currently he is in the middle of a Master’s in Peace Studies in Japan and see this forum as a wonderful place to share his facilitation skills to allow personal discovery, community engagement and global citizenship; as well as gain so much for his pursuits to create a culture of peace in the world.

Punam Yadav

Community Group Facilitator on Gender

Andreas Hirblinger

Community Group Facilitator on Politics


Yassin Sarr

Community Group Facilitator on Race and Ethnicity