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Wall of Wonder
Wall of Wonder

Wall of Wonder

When you have a decision to make, you naturally review the past, envision the future that might be, and then make your choices in the present.

The Historical Scan was primarily created as a reflective tool. Because it reveals much more than any one person can recall or integrate, it has also been called a “Wall of Wonder” or an Environmental Review.

Based on the ORID model of human behaviour, the method is a powerful way for facilitators to help a group link the global to the personal by developing a visual record of their past, to reflect on that history, to discern turning points and trends, to develop a story and to consider the implications for the future

It can be used for:

  • Reviewing project implementation
  • Regular analysis of an organization’s work
  • Project evaluation
  • Creating a context for Strategic Planning or Theory of Change
  • Strengthening a sense of unity and belonging
  • Personal reflection
  • Analyzing historical trends
  • Creating a sense of continuity
  • Revealing emerging trends
  • Understanding and accepting change
  • Celebrating accomplishments and addressing conflict