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Organisational Transformation
Upcoming event: We 31 Oct and Th 1 Nov, 2018

Organisational Transformation

2 days training


Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday 31 Oct and Thursday 1 Nov, 2018


About Organisational Transformation (OT)

The Organisational Transformation (OT) training is suitable for all those looking for ways to leverage profound and lasting change throughout organisations, partnerships or communities – including leaders, managers and change agents within the ‘system’ itself, and those external consultants and facilitators who work with them.

The course introduces two powerful models for understanding, and so changing, organisations and other social systems. The Social Process model is perhaps the most comprehensive, whole system, diagnostic tool available today for understanding organisational and social dynamics. The Organisational Journey map explores the intentional evolution of an organisation or other system from one “phase” to another.

Participants will learn to:

  • discover leverage points for change
  • recognise alignment and dissonance in values
  • plot a journey through "phases" of development
  • develop strategies for change management

This course has no pre-requisite, but some prior experience of facilitation or change management is advantageous.