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Open House Day
Saturday 16 July 2016

Open House Day

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Saturday 16 July 2016

The Open House Day 2016 was the perfect opportunity to learn about CAUX-Initiatives of Change's approach to trustbuilding! To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the Caux Palace opened its doors for a full day during the conference season! 

Many visitors took this opportunity to gain a real insight into the international conferences, to discover the beautiful setting and to learn more about its amazing history.

Click here to read the news article about the Open House Day.

Terrace, Caux Palace, quiet, silence, Villa Maria



09:15 Conference plenary session on the skills of trustbuilding: Experts in mediation and trustbuilding share their experience

11:00 Official welcome by the CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation

11:30 Experience dialogue in diversity

13:45 Historical Treasure Hunt

16:00 Tea with conference participants

16:45 Mediation workshop with Enrico Formica, UN Geneva mediation expert: Learn practical skills for mediation in your own environment

20:00 Intercultural Talent Show

Caux Palace, Caux