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Tuesday, 20. February 2018
ELB, Ethical Leadership in Business 2017

IofC Switzerland is offering 5 internships for this year's edition of Ethical Leadership in Business. The event will take place during the Caux Forum 2018 in Caux, Switzerland.

Friday, 9. February 2018

With growing activities in Switzerland, and as part of the IofC global movement, we seized the opportunity of the global IofC brand refresh, to change our name from “the CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation” to “Initiatives of Change Switzerland”.

Friday, 26. January 2018
Bridgebuilders, Interns, Caux Peace and Leadership Programme, Colombia

’Everyone here is a bridge-builder’. That was the first sentence Maria Paula Garcia Romero heard when she first arrived in Caux, Switzerland, in 2016. She was about to take part in the Caux Interns Programme, now re-named the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme. Her life underwent a profound shift since then: she went back to her home country, Colombia, with a deeper understanding of herself and her surrounding environment and decided to play an active role as a changemaker.

Wednesday, 17. January 2018

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is pleased to announce the launch of their refreshed brand.

Tuesday, 16. January 2018
Txema Perez, AEUB 2017, theatre

Txema Perez, Co-founder of 2theatre International Company & London Physical Theatre School, writes about her experiences in Caux during last summer's edition of Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business.

Monday, 15. January 2018

The Caux Forum 2018 event "Ethical Leadership in Business" is looking for a Communication and Outreach Coordinator (internship) and a Research and Outreach Online Volunteer.

Monday, 15. January 2018
CPLP 2017

Find out more about two job openings for the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme 2018.

Friday, 12. January 2018
King Michael of Romania, Caux, Dalai Lama

King Michael of Romania died aged 96 on 5 December 2017. The Romanian royal family’s links with Moral Re-Armament dated from well before the war, when Frank Buchman met King Michael’s grandmother, Queen Marie, in Bucharest.

Wednesday, 10. January 2018

Initiatives of Change is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their refreshed brand.

Wednesday, 10. January 2018

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