Caux Interpreters Programme


  • How do I get to Caux?  By plane to Geneva (approx. 1.5 hrs from Caux), by train to Montreux, then by "funiculaire" to Caux (for more information, visit Swiss Railway: www.sbb.ch


  • Where and how will I be accommodated in Caux? The interpreters will stay in the Caux conference center in two- or three-bed rooms. Single rooms are an exception in the entire conference center and are only available in the event of a low occupancy rate or in special cases. Bedrooms are equipped with basins, a direct external telephone line and, in most cases wireless Internet. Two to three bedrooms share one sanitary area with showers and toilets. Both the bedrooms and the sanitary areas are separated by gender. Bed linen, towels, and soap are available. We recommend bringing your own hair drier and an adapter for the Swiss sockets.


  • Will I have access to the Internet and/or PCs? Interpreters have free access to computers with an Internet/Intranet connection in the Interpreters’ office. You can also connect your own laptop to the Internet free of charge. The wireless LAN works in most parts of the building and many of the rooms.


  • Where will I interpret? How are the conference rooms set up? There are three locations where simultaneous interpreting is possible in booths. In other settings, interpreters will apply other suitable interpreting techniques (e.g. consecutive, chuchotage) and use other technical equipment (portable sound transmission system with microphone and receivers);


  • Do we get speeches and/or preparation material? Apart from general background information about the conference topics, interpreters have access to speech scripts or notes for some meetings, but will need to work without preparation materials for other sessions. The conference organizers are asked to provide as much material as possible in due time. Past experience has shown that most documents won’t be available before arrival in the conference centre. The chef d’équipe will ensure that the interpreters can talk to the speakers and facilitators in due time in order to receive answers to open questions.


  • Will I work alone, in pairs or in a bigger team? For each language at least two interpreters will be recruited. Organizers and interpreters usually work as a team and try to provide the best working conditions and communication possible. The chef d’équipe organizes briefings with the speakers and coordinates smaller translation tasks if required and liaison and chuchotage interpreting within the team.


  • When will I know whether my application has been successful? There is no definite timeline for the selection process since language needs may change until the last minute. We do everything we can to inform you as soon as possible whether you have been selected or not. All applicants who are suitable but are not invited in the first round will be kept on a list of alternates. There is always the chance to still enter the pool of interpreters in Caux until the last conference has started. For this reason, we will not give a final negative reply but only our estimation of your chances to move up the list.


  • What is the dress code in Caux? Casual to business casual but please bring one to two business outfits for official events. In Caux, it can be quite chilly; you may want to bring some warm clothes. The Caux conference centre has a laundry room with coin-operated washing machines, driers/ drying rooms, iron board and irons.


  • Which leisure or recreational opportunities are there in Caux ? The conference centre is located in a beautiful mountain setting, the perfect place for quiet and reflection. Going for a walk or a hike is always worth it. If you are planning to do so, please bring suitable shoes and other hiking gear. There is no gym but usually the conferences organize some sports activities (soccer, volleyball, tennis, etc.). It is also possible to walk down to Montreux (approx. 45 min to one hour) or go there by train (funiculaire). Going for a swim in Lake Geneva in Montreux is also a great way to freshen your mind. However, trips or absences of several hours are usually not possible due to the conference schedule and always need to be coordinated with the chef d’équipe.


  • Why don’t we get paid? The Caux Forum can only happen thanks to the generous contributions in time and talent of the Caux Sponsored Participants. Even fully paying participants are integrated in the practical running of the house. Preparing for meals together and taking care of each other have been a long tradition in Caux and are an inherent part of the culture of service. The CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation covers the costs of your stay as an interpreter in Caux but you will be expected to pay for your travel to and from the centre, for travel insurance and for any visa that may be required.


  • Will I be assisted with my visa application? Yes, when you register officially on the conference webpage, you'll be required to provide information as to whether you need a Visa. If that is the case, the conference secretariat will send you an official Letter of Invitation on behalf of CAUX-Initiatives of Change which should facilitate your visa application. If you need a visa for Switzerland, please let us know in your application because extra time to arrange for everything will be required.


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