Ethical Leadership in Business 2017


Ethical Leadership in Business “How to lead in times of extremes?”

Ethical Leadership in Business 2017 unites business people from around the world with the objective to trigger positive change for a just and sustainable world.

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Thursday 29 June, 2017

Afternoon session: What is the economic value of values?

This first panel focuses on the finance and banking sector and how ethical leadership can contribute to long-term and sustainable business results. Which values are necessary to build a sustainable business model for the banking and finance sector? What are the best practices in Switzerland and abroad?

Confirmed speakers: 

Moderator: Dr Feena May, Head of Learning and Development, International Committee of the Red Cross 

The session will be followed by small group discussions on the economic value of values.


Friday 30 June, 2017

Morning session: The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and their role in ethical leadership 

This morning session is the perfect opportunity to get familiarized with the UN SDGs. Participants will exchange on the role of SDGs in their professional as well as their personal life. During a SDG Marketplace, participants will learn from business representatives how SDGs are integrated into the business strategy. Together they will have the opportunity to reflect on how to reduce challenging impacts of business’ activities on SDGs and how to scale up the positive impacts. 

Hosted by: Antonio Hautle, Senior Programme Leader and Network Representative, Global Compact Network Switzerland 

Afternoon session: Official opening of the Caux Forum  (more info here )

Confirmed panelists:


Saturday 1 July, 2017

Morning session: How to build trust within the global supply chain

International business leaders will share their experience on how they could (or couldn’t) build trust within their business supply chain. Experiences are shared on how barriers were overcome and new business opportunities emerged based on increased trust.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Hiroshi Ishida, Executive Director Caux Round Table (Japan)
  • Chikako Miyata, Vice President, ANA Holdings Inc. Corporate Brand & CSR
  • Makeda Tsegaye, Founder and CEO, NetBizImpact Ltd.

Afternoon session: Female Leadership: What’s in it for men?

Multiple studies show that a more gender-diverse leadership group obtains better results for business. However, women are still unrepresented at the top of organizations and the shift toward more equal opportunity  and reward for women is slow. In this workshop participants will discuss why men should champion gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace (and at home) and what’s in it for them when women are leading.

Confirmed speakers:

Sunday 2 July, 2017

Morning session: Workshop by Professor Guido Palazzo :" From Yale to Jail - how good managers make bad decisions."

This workshop answers the question why good people can do bad things without even realizing that what they are doing is illegal or immoral? Participants will get familiarized with business cases of ethical blindness and learn how to identify and change a business context that is at risk for ethical breaches. The workshop also explores the organizational as well as personal level of how values guide our daily activities.