Ethical Leadership in Business 2017


Ethical Leadership in Business “How to lead in times of extremes?”

Ethical Leadership in Business 2017 unites business people from around the world with the objective to trigger positive change for a just and sustainable world.

Thursday 29 June, 2017

Afternoon session: What is the economic value of values?

This first panel focuses on the finance and banking sector and how ethical leadership can contribute to long-term and sustainable business results. Which values are necessary to build a sustainable business model for the banking and finance sector? What are the best-practices in Switzerland and abroad?

Confirmed speakers:

The session will be followed by small group discussions on the economic value of values.


Friday 30 June, 2017

Morning session: Ethical Leadership – Which roles do the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) play in ethical leadership?

The panel will focus on how the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can guide business to an ethical business approach, followed by conversation tables on the 11th SDG dedicated to sustainable cities. We invite companies to investigate, how they can contribute to this goal, to discover where the business opportunities lay and which collaboration would be necessary to achieve the SDGs objectives.

Confirmed panelists:

  • Antonio Hautle, Senior Programme Leader and Network Representative, Global Compact Network Switzerland will join the panel and co-moderate the conversation tables on building business opportunities within the 11th SDG.
  • Regi Aalstad, Non-Executive Director at Telenor Group

Afternoon session: Official opening of the Caux Forum  (more info here )

Confirmed panelists:


Saturday 1 July, 2017

Morning session: How to build trust within the supply chain?

International business leaders will share their experience on how they could (or couldn’t) build trust within their business supply chain. Experiences are shared on how barriers were overcome and new business opportunities emerged based on increased trust.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Hiroshi Ishida, Executive Director Caux Round Table (Japan)
  • Huub Savelkouls, Vice President value chain transformation and sustainability, Philip Morris International (Switzerland)

Afternoon session: How to lead when facing an ethical dilemma?

Introduction on how humans behave when facing an ethical dilemma, followed by a group exercise on trust-based collaboration.

The session will be followed by small group discussions on the participants’ experience regarding the red & blue collaboration exercise and how it may trigger behavioral change in their private and professional life.


Sunday 2 July, 2017

Morning session: Workshop: How to make sure that your personal values and beliefs are not left at home when you go to work?

In today’s work environment of tight deadlines, short-term goals, multi-tasking, information overflow, unpredictable and fast-paced social, technical, economic changes, etc., it’s quite a challenge to align personal values and business values. The consequences are an exhausting and inefficient way of working, lack of performance, loss of trust from stakeholders, risk of ethical breaches, etc.

During this morning session, participants will share what values mean to them in their lives, personally and professionally. In a second session, participants will analyze which first steps will be necessary in order to realize a more informed, calm, creative and ethical leadership style.