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The Caux Artists Program

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Since 2011 CAP  has welcomed to Caux over 40 performing artists from all over the world.  In keeping with the international and multi-cultural "spirit of Caux", CAP has had faculty and mentors from Colombia, Germany, India, Nigeria,  Switzerland , Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA. 

In 2017, CAP will return to Caux with an interdisciplinary summer course in Vocal Arts (classical, music theatre, jazz), Drama and the Humanities.

The Caux Artists Program takes place at the Caux Palace, the international conference centre in Caux, Switzerland of the CAUX-IofC Foundation.

The Caux Artists Program has received support from the CAUX - IofC Foundation, Initiatives of Change-Sweden, the Hahnloser Foundation (Switz.), the Concordia Foundation (UK), Kulture for Livet (Sweden), the Irene Prestwich Trust, the Renewal Arts International Scholarship Fund and the Caux Artists Scholarship Fund, making it possible to award numerous scholarships to deserving young artists.

CAP  faculty members are available for performances, master classes and instruction. To contact members of the CAP  faculty please visit our faculty page and click on the appropriate links.


  • To build communities of artists from different cultures and faiths in a shared, sustainable commitment
  • To challenge artists to explore the ethical and spiritual dimensions of the arts
  • To build bridges across different cultures and faiths in the global community
  • To create a lively and challenging cultural exchange at the Initiatives of Change Conferences in Caux, Switzerland

Venue & Dates

Caux Artists



The Caux Artists Program (CAP) is presented in association with Renewal Arts, an international network of people who share the conviction that the different forms of art can be positive and powerful forces for changing our personal lives and the wider world. Renewal Arts has presented International Forums in Caux, gathering hundreds of participants from all over the world. Renewal Arts grew out of Initiatives of Change, a diverse, global network committed to building trust across the world's divides. It is comprised of people of many cultures, nations, beliefs and backgrounds who are committed to transforming society through individual and inter-relational change, starting in their own lives.

The CAP participants are a select group of 12-16 artists from diverse cultural backgrounds who aspire to work in the fields of drama, music theatre and/or music. CAP is inviting actor/singers, singer/instrumentalists and broad-based musicians who have a vested interest in exploring the power of art as a catalyst for change in society, while at the same time strengthening their artistic skill and vision. 

The Caux Artists Program will consist of two overlapping phases: 

  • participation in individual and ensemble classes, lectures, rehearsals and performances
  • participation in selected events during the IofC Conferences

The training involves networking with the IofC conferences and the Caux community and includes the provision of interdisciplinary arts events.

In addition to audio and video documentation of their performances, all successful participants receive an Artists certificate.

"The project you describe (CAP) has my full and enthusiastic support. Without  music and art the deeper, wider change we seek will never arrive."
Rajmohan Gandhi, Past President of Initiatives of Change International.

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Current and Past Faculty

Paul Agbih, Nigeria/Germany       (African traditional percussion/Composer)
Bev Appleton,  USA                       (Drama/Music Theatre)
John Burrows, UK/USA                  (Voice/Vocal Technique/Music Theatre)
Grace Carter, UK/Netherlands      (Voice and Vocal Technique)
Kathryn Gardner, USA                   (Vocal Coach/ Music Theatre/Opera)
Daniel Schroeteler, Germany        (Drums/ Percussion/ Composition)
Ben Schwendener, USA                 (Piano/Composition)
Joanna Marie Skillett, UK              (Voice/Vocal Technique/Opera)
Uwe Steinmetz , Germany            (Arrangement/Composition/Saxophone)
Pauline Warjri, India                      (Voice and Vocal Technique)

CAP  faculty members are available for performances, master classes and instruction. To contact members of the CAP faculty please visit our faculty page and click on the appropriate links. Find out more about the faculty members.

Applications & Costs

  • Language: English (applicants should have a good command of English)
  • Application deadline: 15 March, 2017
  • The application form is in a downloadable format and should be submitted as soon as possible to gain acceptance into the program.
  • Participation: Limited to 16 performing artists
  • Students are selected based on their application and their artistic aspirations. Music and Music Theatre students are requested (if possible) to submit either an MP3/CD or DVD as an example of their work. This is not an absolute requirement! If you have questions please contact us.

Costs 2017: US $1800 (covers tuition, meals, lodging)


Caux Artists Program
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USA Telephone: ++540-867-5571

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