Training Tracks 2018
Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business

Training Tracks 2018




I. Trustbuilding in a diverse world: history, identity, and equity

Trainer: Rob Corcoran and Ebony Walden

This training track offers specific leadership tools to overcome false concepts of ethnic/racial hierarchy, xenophobia and exclusion, and aims to build social cohesion that values every human being. The interactive sessions explore four key areas of learning for individuals seeking to build trust and social cohesion in our increasingly diverse communities.

The areas of learning are:  

  1. The role of each individual in becoming an authentic trustbuilder and agent for change;
  2. The power of history and memory in shaping community narratives;
  3. Dialogue design to build trust and discern core issues; 
  4. Steps to build diverse teams and networks across boundaries of race, culture, religion, and politics to build healthy, inclusive communities.

The training is based on more than three decades of domestic and internationally recognized community-based work by Hope in the Cities in Richmond, Virginia, USA.


Rob Corcoran is a trainer, facilitator and racial healing practitioner who has worked with diverse and polarized groups across North America and Europe and in Australia, India, South Africa and Brazil. He is the founder of Hope in the Cities, Initiatives of Change USAs flagship program, in Richmond, Virginia. He collaborated on a dialogue guide for President Clintons Initiative on Race, and has been consulted for the development of the W.K. Kellogg enterprise, Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation.” He is author of Trustbuilding: An Honest Conversation on Race, Reconciliation, and Responsibility (University of Virginia Press 2010).

Ebony Walden is a trainer and facilitator who has over a decade of experience as an urban planner and community builder. At Ebony Walden Consulting she facilitates workshops and engagement processes that explore race, equity, and the creation of more just and inclusive communities. She is also a lead trainer and facilitator with Hope in the Cities in Richmond, Virginia. 





II. Strengthening your democratic skills

Trainers: Stefanie Schuddebeurs and Laura Reijnders

This training track will provide participants with a profound insight into the importance and processes involved in democratic conversations that mirror both the right to speak as well as the right to be listened to.

How should we take decisions that fairly reflect the needs and interests of the group? What does that involve? This course is not meant for deep theoretical discussions about different norms of democracy or state building, but will explore instead what it means to have a democratic conversation in daily settings, where one is both authentic and inclusive of all interests, which to us is the crux of a strong democracy. This training track gives practical insight into the art of listening, offers exercises in which participants are invited to challenge their assumptions, and addresses questions on the power balance in groups.

Since this training track has a strong experiential learning approach, participants will gain new insights into the art of listening to themselves as well as to others. You will leave with a toolbox of exercises and models that you can apply in your own contexts to enhance democratic decision-making processes, for instance in (group) work and/ or project settings.   


Stefanie Schuddebeurs is a social entrepreneur with rigorous academic training in the fields of social psychology and anthropology and also has a Masters in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. In 2014, she set up the first Listening Academy of the Netherlands, through which she facilitates dialogues for multi-stakeholder groups for Dutch local and national governments as well as for training professionals and students to help them develop their listening and empathic capacities. Since 2017 she has worked in Florence, Italy, where she was involved in participatory design processes aimed at resolving urban issues. Before starting her own company, she worked as a policy advisor to the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security as well as in the Internal Affairs Dept on anti-discrimination policies, democratic renewal, and the active participation of citizens in the democratic process. She works on projects with IofC Netherlands, where she hosts listening workshops and is part of the participatory mapping team.

Laura Reijnders is a communications professional and facilitator with a background in organizational anthropology. Laura works three days a week at IofC Netherlands where she is in charge of communications, with an emphasis on sustainable living, and more specifically food safety, food security, and energy. As a freelance trainer and facilitator she aims to inspire, empower and equip young professionals and students in their personal development. In particular, she focuses on deepening the understanding of assumptions, convictions and values that shape our frames of reference.




III. Mindfulness through Playfulness

Trainers: Txema Perez and Lana Biba

Txema Perez and Lana Biba of 2theatre / London Physical Theatre School will offer a full training course in ‘Mindfulness through Playfulness’ as an approach to building social cohesion in Europe.

The course will include platform theatre, mime techniques, character building, and voice exploration.  This training track will be a playful combination of mindfulness and theatre techniques. While working on awareness and empathy with others we will see how a small change in each participant can bring about a new group dynamic.

Platform Theatre – A group of actors will tell an epic story in a contained performing space. This genre is a compact version of theatre or film. It offers a deeper understanding of the dramatic structure of a piece and demands extensive cooperation between cast members.

Mime techniques – This session will illustrate full body control and captivating movement quality for public performances. This is an intensive dive into techniques such as ‘fixed point’ and ‘making visible the invisible’, from French classics such as Marcel Marceau to Modern Mime.


Txema Perez is a co-founder of the 2theatre international company and the London Physical Theatre School. Originally from the Basque country, he was trained there in the Stanislavsky method, after which he attended the Actors Studio in Los Angeles. In 2008 he moved to London for a two-year training course at LISPA, making London his base since then. His artistic career credits include several roles in TV and film in Spain and the UK (Ugly Betty, Benidorm), world tours with lead physical theatre roles, and  performances with Cirque du Soleil as part of a clown duo. He also has a masters in journalism and communications, and has worked as a broadcaster and TV reporter in Spain. His teaching experience includes workshops for drama students and coaching for professional actors in physical theatre, mime, puppetry and on-camera acting. So far he has taught in Canada, India, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and the USA.

Lana Biba is an award-winning actress, director and teacher of physical theatre, mime, clown, mask, dance and puppetry. She is one of the co-founders of 2theatre and the London Physical Theatre School. Lana trained in Marcel Marceau techniques in Paris, at LISPA (Lecoq technique) and at the Actors Temple in London (Meisner technique). Credits: artist and teacher at Cirque du Soleil, lead in SOAP The Show world tour; director/MD at Roundhouse and New Diorama (UK) and Boulevardteatern (Sweden), as well as screen work in Law & Order UK, ITV. Teaching: The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (UK), Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Sweden), Kiev National University of Theatre, Film and TV (Ukraine), and freelance coaching. Her teaching approach is based on the wisdom of the body, combining the technical aspects of mime, mindfulness, and the pleasure of Devised Physical Theatre. An all-encompassing focus such as this one has empowered many artists: ‘I saw my dream as a dot far away. Now it’s up close, and I see it’s an endless horizon,’ LPTS course participant, Ukraine 2017.

2theatre is an international, London-based award-winning company formed in 2011 by Lana Biba and Txema Perez, both graduates from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). 2theatre’s work addresses the common themes of humanity that underlie cultural differences, aiming to create theatre that touches people all around the world. Previous work includes the Edinburgh Fringe success ‘Losing It’ and tours in Finland, Greece, Norway, Canada, India, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA. 2theatre’s educational branch, the London Physical Theatre School, delivers courses at universities abroad, and is a casting partner at Cirque du Soleil.  /