Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business 2017


Please note that this programme is subject to change.

Download an overview of the programme 2017 here.

AEUB 2017


Training Tasters

Initiatives of Change teams and partner organizations in different parts of Europe have developed workshops and training courses that have been effective in responding to polarization and building trust.

The ‘Training Tasters’ offered during this forum will give participants an opportunity to experience some elements of these courses.

If interested, the facilitators will let participants know how the full training can be taken, or how to invite the programme to their communities. The aim is to expand the use of these tools much more widely, to learn from each other and to promote cross-border collaboration.

Community groups

The community groups are intended to give the opportunity to get better acquainted with other participants and to make sure everyone is heard and has a chance to share their own perspective and thoughts on Europe.

Every community group consists of 10 to 12 members and the meetings are guided by two facilitators. The groups will meet twice a day: once in the morning before breakfast to share a moment of silence and their morning reflections and once in the afternoon, after tea. We strive to make as diverse groups as possible regarding age, culture and nationality. Our aim for the whole conference is that each participant discovers his or her unique purpose and contribution in Europe today. We hope the community groups can help us all in this search for our personal role and calling – connecting the intimate and the global.

Quiet time

In the mornings before breakfast, all participants are kindly invited to take time to reflect in silence and listen within. Some guiding questions are offered to base the reflection on. Gathered in our community groups for this time of quiet and reflection, we will have some time together to share our thoughts and ideas stemming from this personal time for reflection. The personal time alone in silence in the early morning can help each one of us to connect to the bigger picture to find our role and calling in Europe today. NB: the first morning reflection will take place in the Bay Window of the Main Hall with all forum participants, the others in the assigned space of community groups.

Afternoon sharing in community groups

Every afternoon after tea, participants will meet in their community groups. This is a time to get to know the other participants and reflect on the conference so far. The community groups are also a place where our personal life stories will be shared and we can exchange about the many challenging issues facing Europe and how it affects our personal lives and how we could potentially make a difference for the better.